An actual trip to somewhere!

We took a trip a couple weekends ago, two passes in the PNW, I-90 and US-2 and stayed at a friend’s house in Cle Elum.

I-90 pavement expansion joints are a bit of a boneshaker. I am going to try dropping tire pressure 10 psi in the front (100 right now) and replace shocks in the front.

The downhill grade on Stevens pass.

Stopping at the fruit stand outside of Levenworth. Traffic was a zoo due to Octoberfest so no parking in town.

Anders hanging out a truck stop while we got some snacks.

Driving in the Yakima river valley. I liked this kind of driving a lot.

Eastern Washington, stopped for a minute to make some phone calls.

Parked overnight in Cle Elum.

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