Lighting and cabinet faces

I’ve been working at getting more lighting in, and staying with reflective where possible.

I also got the fridge reconnected again, so that’s nice. You’ll see in the photos some landscaping light bulbs – these are a similar mount to the over head console lights I have, so I replaced those incandescents with the LEDs. I had to trim the sockets a little bit, since they had this extra plastic flashing to support the glass bulb. I managed to remove the skin off my left index knuckle with a razor blade, so that kinda sucked.

It took two consoles (4 lights) to equal the same draw as the fridge when the compressor is running.

It’s startling how inefficient incandescent lights are.

Anyway, washroom area got it’s main work light, lots of switches controlling things. I replaced the entire bluebird switch panel, since the old switches were loose and all the spade connectors were exposed. I’ll get labels on the switches eventually. That layout might not be the final one either. We’ll see.

The door control is now electric solenoid, so I can do lots of neat tricks like refuse to open if the door is locked (electric lock) as well as remote open from a keyfob. The door still operates manually without air when I want to.

All of the storage cabinets/lockers/whatever get LED strip lights with a microswitch control. I strung a power ring around the cabin to power all those.

Interestingly enough, bluebird wires their exterior marker lights in the same way, so I figured I could use that for other types of lights too.

Most of the task lighting and courtesy lighting has manual control and a remote override (like how car dome lights work)

One of these lights is incandescent, and one is LED. Can you tell which is which?

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