House listed on the market.

Our house is now officially on the real estate market in the western Washington area.

To keep the kids from trashing the house while its listed, we are living on the bus, sort of. I have a free standing ac unit to keep things cool, and I got our fridge installed and working. The fridge is a 7.something cubic foot DC only fridge. It’s 9 to 36 volts, and uses about 90 watts at full power. It’s really great! (I’ll try and get some pix)

Since I’m done working on the house, I started working on my framework stuff some more. Tonight I got a little incentive by hitting my head on the corner of the steel square tube and bleeding everywhere. 

So, those bits came out, I finished welding the support extension, and then ground the offending corner, clean, prime, paint.

Overhead stowage on right front is ready for paneling installation, if at least to prevent a trip to the emergency room to sew my scalp back on.

So I guess that means I’m working on it again.

Driving test

So I drove the bus, and tried to get an idea of where it’s RPM/speed was best. I found out that this thing can move pretty well, pushing more than 65 mph at 1800 rpm. This made me happy.