Got the bus home!

I picked up the bus today, some new batteries and a hub seal and bearing replacement (the front left oil was water contaminated)

The DOL in Kent wants to see a Washington State Patrol inspection before they’ll issue me a title change from bus to RV. I was thinking of “shopping” around to some of the other offices and see what they do. Previously they also told me that I needed to get the scale weight and emissions tested. I’m half expecting the next time I show up they’ll tell me it needs to be retrofitted with air bags or an emergency parachute system.

Next step is disconnect batteries and pop on a tender, and remove seats.
Then windows
then make roof taller
then close the roof up
then put sheet metal on the walls

Size comparison to a Unimog.


Getting the emissions tested in Renton. Yes, it passed.



It fits beside the garage! Level ground = roof raise. I am happy.GooglePickerAPI_IMG_20140729_181803


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